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I have noticed in talking with people that people who travel can be divided into two main categories.  Pantsers and Plotters.  Much like with writing Plotters plan out every step of their journey.  They make reservations, purchase tickets in advance and have a clear itinerary.  Pantsers have a vague notion of where they are going, Colorado, West, Florida and then they just go.  When they get tired the stop, when they get hungry they eat, and when they see a cool attraction to pull over.  I Pants when I write and I like to Pants when I travel.  That’s not saying I don’t do any planning ahead.  I do tons of research.  I look up my destination and find whats fun to do around there.  I research public transit and costs.  I know a lot about it, but I do not have an itinerary.  When we get there we can figure it based on what we want to do that day.

Several years ago my husband and I took a road trip to Mammoth Cave.  I wanted to stay in a specific hotel so I made reservations in advance, concrete Wigwams from the 20s are totally worth reserving in advance.  (Wigwam Village was totally worth the price) And Mammoth cave does timed tours so I bought our tickets in advance as well.  Other than that our four day vacation was unplanned.  We got to drive through Mammoth Cave National Park and admire the Fall Foliage.  We stumbled across what turns out to be one of the best restaurants in Bowling Green Kentucky.  (Suzanne’s patented method for finding good food in a new place: Ignore chain restaurants, unless it is a chain you don’t have back home, instead focus on the local restaurants.  During standard meal times find the one with the most cars.  Eat there.  If the locals like it, you probably won’t regret the time.)  We actually got to lay around an RELAX, you know enjoy a vacation for what it was.

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