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NaNoWriMo 2016

Today kicks off National Novel Writing Month!  Unfortunately I had work today so I couldn’t start by getting ahead on the first day.  This weekend though I will power through some words!

Allow me to introduce you to this years novel:

cover art for StarFaerer


Here is my blurb so far:

Life at the Gate isn’t easy if you are not one of the fortunate few to live in the OverStation.  Lux, an UnderStation dweller, is content with her meager existence running her shop and fixing things that have broken, until one day the broken thing that drops in her shop is not a machine but a man.  One of the alien overlords that controls access to the gate and allows the humans to live in their station at its boundaries.  Lux gets pulled into a danger that she does not understand and must use every talent she possesses to get out.


I’m excited for this year’s novel, I have some awesome ideas!  My first attempt at the Science Fiction genre, technically Science Fantasy or Space Opera.  Let’s do this!  And for those about to NaNo, we salute you!

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