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Fiction Fridays- Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews

ISBN- 9780062289247

Publisher- Avon Books

Format- eBook

My name is Suzanne and I have a confession to make. I LOVE a good romance.  All my favorite books, no matter their genre, features a strong romance element. I have even been known to read a “trashy” romance or three.  Burn for Me is a Modern Paranormal fiction with strong Romance tendencies.  Its a good inbetweener book if you have someone who reads Romance is curious about venturing in Fantasy, or a Fantasy reader who is curious about Romance.

The Plot: Magic now permeates our world, some have, other do not, and now a heriarchy of power dominates society.  Magic power translates directly to political and monetary power.  The stronger you are magically, the better off you are.  The strongest of these are called Primes and typically once a family reaches Prime status they will do whatever it takes to keep it. One of these Primes goes rogue and Nevada Baylor has the unenviable job of chasing him down and getting him to turn himself in.  Her down on its luck detective agency is run by herself and a few family members and is beholden to a much more powerful House (Prime Family) who forces her to take the suicide mission.  She is joined by Mad Rogan, one of the most poweful Primes currently living, who is hunting the prodigal Prime for reasons of their own. Nevada decides to play with fire to catch fire and agrees to partner with him.  Their chemistry is electric and Nevada has to decide which is more dangerous, chasing down a power hungry fire-weilding Prime, or sleeping with a man they call mad and has the ability to level mountains with a thought.

The Characters:

Nevada Baylor- she is your fantasy heroine gone Romance, tall, tan, and impossibly blonde, she is perfection that every man lusts after. You kind of want to hate her a little bit except her love and devotion to her family is evident from very early on.  And what a family it is, a boozy sniper Mother,  magically mechanically inclined Grandmother (nosy and with great one-liners, natch), cousins like brothers and two younger sisters to make life interesting, they all live together in a massive warehouse turned HQ.  Nevada is clever and brave and loyal and true, and while you may want to kill her when she is describing how beautiful her hair is, when the chips are down I found myself rooting for her.

“Mad” Conner Rogan- Romance male gone Fantasy. Rogan is controlling and manipulative (Nevada first meets him when he kidnaps and tortures her) but also very broken from the system he was born into and the things he did while serving in the army.  He grew up a pawn of his fathers power plays.  There was no love in the Rogan household.  Rogan was bred, like a pedigree puppy, to have the best of his fathers power and more.  He was a pawn, so to escape that he joined the army where they had him commit atrocities that are only hinted at, but clearly haunt him.  He only understands power, or at least that was all he understood until he met Nevada and fell into lust.  He is classic Romance hero in that he is dark, broody, and sexy but he is also part Fantasy hero in that he is clearly damaged and suffers from his past in ways the two dimensional Romance heroes rarely do.

The Judgement:

4 out of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book.  It was a fast read and I liked the characters. I liked the world and can’t wait to read more of it when the sequel (FINALLY) comes out.  The one problem I had was actually solved by the end and I will elucidate on those but they be spoilery so I will save them for the end.



So, I am a feminist and the reason I don’t often proudly declare my love of Romance is because sometimes they leave me with an icky feeling.  Like when the guy is an asshole and hurts the girl but refuses to take no for an answer and eventually that works and she falls in love with him. No means no asshole, even in fiction.  I was feeling kind of ugh about this whole Rogan is clearly the love interest and they meet when he kidnaps and tortures her business.  There is even a part when he gets a little handsy (mindsy?) with his telekentics when she told him no.  She finds him sexy and his flashes of vulnerability show there is a man underneath there that just doesn’t understand how rules work. What impressed me though was that she doesn’t sleep with him. Oh she is clearly attracted to him, and he to her, but she understands that he is dangerous and cruel and she chooses to live without him.  It is a mature decision that I am sure is going to change in the sequel, but by then he will have had time to grow and earn her love instead of forcing himself on her.  That choice, to not get them together, was what elevated it from 3 stars to 4. Huzzah for self respecting heroines!

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