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Fiction Friday – Wonder Woman by Nancy Holder

ISBN- 9781785653797

Publisher- Titan Books

This is almost cheating because this is the official novelization of the new Wonder Woman film.  So I went into this already having seen and loved the movie directed by Patty Jenkins and this is based upon the screenplay by Allan Heinberg based upon a story by Zack Snyder, Allan Heinberg, and Jason Fuchs based upon characters created by William Moulton Marston.  Phew, think that’s enough based upons?

In case you’ve been living under a rock here is a quick synopsis.  The idyll of Themyscira is shattered with the arrival of a crashing airplane and pursuing Germans.  Diana’s childhood is now over, far from being the pampered child she was, she must now make a warriors choice.  Leaving the only home she’s ever known and the women who have raised, nurtured and loved her to travel with the man who’s life she saved to defeat Ares and to save the world from war.  Set against the backdrop of WWI Diana must learn truths that she never dreamed of as she journeys to the front in pursuit of her destiny.

The Characters:

Diana Prince (Princess of Themyscira)- Her mother told her often how she so wanted a child that she made one out of clay and Zeus took pity on her and brought it to life.  Diana was the only child on Amazon island, she grew up with the privileged assurity of someone who is beloved by an entire island.  Trained as a warrior from a young age, she is nevertheless naive, never having seen war or even a man.  Nevertheless when faced with action she behaves almost instinctually to save lives.  She is a well-rounded female character she loves, she laughs, she lives, and yet she is also fierce and strong and powerful.  Granted while reading this I was seeing Gal Gadot’s transcendent performance and seeing Patty Jenkins perfect direction.

Steve Trevor- Rescued from drowning by Diana I don’t blame her in the slightest for falling in love with him.  Played by Chris Pine in the film his piercing blue eyes are the first thing Diana notices about him, even in the text.  He is the perfect superheroine boyfriend.  He acknowledges her strength even as he loves her and tries to protect her from herself.  He’s not so sure about this world of Amazons and gods that he finds himself in but she saved his life and proved her abilities so he is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.  He stands next to her in battle even though she is way stronger than him, supporting and fighting in his own way.  He is the best of humanity.

Dr. Maru- Henchwoman to the german general Ludendorff she is brilliant and mad.  Utterly assured of German superiority and Ludendorff’s rightness, she is in pursuit of the perfect poison, no matter how many people she must kill.  She is a dynamic villain and one I would have liked to have seen more of.  She spent a lot of time as Ludendorff’s right hand woman and pawn of Ares, but I would have liked to see her with her own agency to become a super-villain.  Maybe next movie?

The Judgement:

3.5 out of 5 stars

As an adaptation of screenplay this book does it’s job.  I liked reading it because I liked the movie, and rather than go watch the movie again I read the book.  In my head it was practically the same thing.  The 3.5 is purely because of the unoriginality of the text.  I reserve perfect scores for books that I can read over and over again and hold up as a paragon of their genre.  This is a screenplay adaptation.  It is a very good screenplay adaptation, but not the best so rather than 4 stars I gave it 3.5.  See the movie.

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