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Fiction Friday – White Hot by Ilona Andrews

ISBN- 9780062289261

Publisher- Avon Books

It’s here!  It’s here!  After two years of waiting it is finally here!  The sequel to Burn for Me (read review HERE) is finally here!  There was quite the saga to finally get this book.  Was is worth the wait?

The Plot: When a man’s wife is killed and neither his family or the family she was working for will look into it, Nevada is his only hope.  The case takes Nevada from the safety of her warehouse into the glittering darkness of the city’s ultra-rich and powerful.  At her side whether she likes it or not is Connor Rogan, the richest and most powerful of them all.  The attraction burns White Hot (see what I did there?) as they investigate Houston’s elite.

The Characters:

For my assessment of Nevada and Rogan see previous review HERE.

Cornelius- he was just a side character in the first book, but here he blooms into his own as the grieving widower who begs Nevada to take the case.  His life is used to juxtapose the harshness of life in the big Houses as he is basically hung out to dry after his wife’s murder.  Also, he is an animal mage and that is cool.

Leon Baylor- Teenage young cousin of Nevada.  He bounced around the background in the last book but this book we get to see more of him.  I like seeing realistic teenagers in books that aren’t YA.  But his power is never fully explained in this book.  Answers please in book 3!

Catalina Baylor-  Nevada’s sister.  We finally get to see her magic in action and hoo boy.  Trying to stay spoiler free here, but I did not know this could be a magic power and it is terrifying.

The Judgement:

4 out of 5 stars

I almost knocked off a whole star simply because the cover is trashy.  Thank goodness I read on digital because I don’t know if I would want to be associated with this cover.  Who stands like that?  Why does he look so photoshopped?  The cover for Burn For Me was way better.   The more sensible part of me fought back and said don’t be petty, so no star removal.  This time.  Otherwise I’d say this was worth the wait.  The romance between Nevada and Rogan continued it’s slow burn right up to the end.  Once again I bought into their romance and by the time they finally did get together I was all in.  No squiffy feelings.  This is clearly a middle book, plot threads where left dangling to be picked up and hopefully tied off in the third book.  Which hopefully I will get to read in a couple of months.  No promises.  There was an excerpt from the third book which says it will be out in two months.  I will believe that when I see it.

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