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Fiction Friday – The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson

ISBN- 9780765330420

Publisher- Tor Books

The first I heard of Brandon Sanderson was when he was announced to be the one to finish Robert Jordan’s fantasy epic The Wheel of Time series. This did not endear him to me as I am not a fan of The Wheel of Time series, too wordy, too long, too much.  So I happily went along my way until a couple of years ago when I picked up and read the flap of The Rithmatist.  I was hooked.  I checked the book out from my local library, loved it so much I finished reading it, turned back to the beginning and read it again.  I also promptly bought the audiobook and forced my husband to listen to it.  LOVED it.  So when I stumbled upon Alloy of Law I was optimistic.  I like westerns, I like magic, and I like Brandon Sanderson so what the hey!

Waxillium Ladrian, who besides rocking the greatest name to ever grace a western, is a rare Twinborn.  A man who can use the power of two metals not just one. Magic in the world runs off metal, different metals different powers.  But each person typically has one affinity, sometimes they are lucky enough to have two.  Wax is one of them.  Born rich back east he moved out to the roughs to prove himself as a gentleman lawman.  Following a devasting personal loss and the death of his remaining family member Wax returns to the city to resume his place as heir presumptive.  Of course you can take the man out of the roughs but you cannot take the rough out of the man.  Wax tries to avoid it but he can’t resist investigating the case of The Vanishers, train robbers and kidnappers.  When they take the woman he is tentatively courting they make it personal.

The Characters:

Waxillium Ladrian – Crackshot, twinborn, grieving.  Wax is older and wiser, but he’s left behind the world he knew and returned to the world he thought he would never see again.  He’s clever and has a good sense for danger.  Like all the best lawmen.

Wayne- Former boy wonder, he was left behind in the Roughs when Was headed home, but when a case comes up that is pointed towards town Wayne goes to investigate.  Nonchalant but with a heavy past Wayne is fun.  He talks fast, steals faster.  Though technically it’s not stealing, its trading, even though the other party doesn’t get much say in the matter.  He is also a master of disguise and his talk of accents just tickled me to death.

Marasi- Young, Beautiful, Clever.  She has read tales of Wax and Wayne’s exploits out in the rough and her serious case of hero worship turns into love.

The Judgement:

3 out of 5 stars

Okay, this book isn’t bad.  I suppose I would have appreciated it more if I had read the original trilogy (which I had not) but it mostly stands on its own.  I liked Wax, I liked Wayne.  But the idea of a relationship springing up between Wax and Marasi makes me strongly dislike it.  She is half his age.  Why can’t he find love with someone his own age?  Older ladies need love too.  I might read the second one.  I might not. I haven’t’ decided yet.

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