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Fiction Friday – Death and Relaxation by Devon Monk

ISBN- 9781939853011
Publisher- Odd House Press
We have previously discussed my love of Ilona Andrews on here, so when she gave a birthday shout out to a friend and recommended her books I took notice.  When I saw that it was modern paranormal I bought it without even reading the sample.  Strong female lead? Check?  Kooky small town setting? Check.  Gods and monsters? Check.  Dreamy love interest? Check.  I am all in!
The Plot: Delaney Reed is the latest in a long line of Reed caretakers.  Charged with protecting the small town of Ordinary, Oregon, Delaney is the conduit that enables gods to lay their powers down and vacation as a mortal.  The problem with being mortal?  Gods can die.  Now one year into her run as protector Delaney is faced with a murder investigation and a quest to find someone new to wield the dead gods power… or else.
The Characters:
Delaney Reed- Eldest of three sisters, she is stalwart (though a little boring), she takes her role seriously, and is determined to protect her town.  She is determined and a little out of her depth for most of the book.  But I liked her enough that I read all three in a weekend!
Ryder Bailey- Dashing love interest, that while he may not know Ordinary’s godly secrets, is in possession of his own mysterious past.  He is also kind and loyal.  And naked when you first meet him.  He is also a dog person.  I like dog people.
Ordinary, Oregon-  A small town filled with charm.  Having never been to Oregon I cannot attest to how accurate the setting is.  However is felt like every small southern town I had been too.  Filled with kooky characters the town felt alive and real, more than just an afterthought.  I would visit.
The Judgement:
3 out of 5 stars
An enjoyable to start to an enjoyable series.  I enjoyed my time there and would definitely come back.  Delaney suffered from some extreme stupidity at times, but nothing I couldn’t suffer through.  While the town was full realized, some of the main character suffered from one dimensional development.  The stories were good enough I bought all three in the series but not good enough that I wanted to run out and devour everything she had ever written.  It however did its job in serving as a distraction and allowed me to escape to somewhere far away, what more can you ask for?
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