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About the Author

Suzanne is an avid reader from Alabama.  She’s lived around the world and now makes her home back in the south with her husband and dogs.  She is incapable of picking up a hobby and sticking with it for very long but she has come to accept this as simply how it must be.  She has tried learning poi (that’s where you spin fire), leather working, viking sword fighting, cross-stitch, knitting, arm knitting, tarot, Welsh, Cornish, friendship bracelet making, paper sculpture, and painting.  Her current obsession is needle felting, though she hasn’t actually started doing it yet, she thinks it sounds neat.  She has competed in and won Nation Novel Writing Month for the past five years.  This year she is determined to make a go of it and publish more than one book.  She loves a good adventure, and loves to explore new places and new cultures.




Through a haze of flowers you can see a couple standing in the rain, enjoying the flowers, their backs to the camera
A photo of us taken by a friend in Seoul, South Korea.